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12th North Arkansas Ancestor Fair

Leslie and Marshall, Arkansas - May 31 - June 2, 2001

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Here are the topics for the Twelfth North Arkansas Ancestor Fair held in Leslie and Marshall, Arkansas May 31-June 2, 2001:

* Cemetery Preservation, Recording and Reconstruction

* Cherokee Trail of Tears Through Arkansas

* Saving the Family Homestead: National Register Listing - What it means

* The Civil War and its Records of Genealogical Value
Torts, Terminers and Genealogists: Family History Research Using Local Court Records

* Forgotten, Neglected and Under-utilized Genealogical Sources
Genealogically Reconstructing the Frontier Community

* Researching the Five Civilized Tribes

* Beginning Family Research
by the Historical Genealogical Society of Marion County, AR

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  • The Searcy County Historical Society
  • Genealogical Links

Dr. Michael Dougan leads a seminar, A Guide on How to Use Newspapers, at the Friday session of the 2008 North Arkansas Ancestor Fair.

Activity at the tables during Saturday's Ancestor Fair, 2008.

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